The importance of the label


Let’s get to know what we eat and spread the culture of sustainable production

Do we know what we eat? Know the most important information about the ingredients that make up the food we buy is not simple. Where do they come from? How were they cultivated? Where were they produced and processed? It’s hard to find the answers in the labels of the products that we usually buy in supermarkets. We can not trace the production chain and therefore we can not even evaluate environmental or ethical sustainability: with these premises we can not talk about conscious consumptions.

When we choose the products for our Shop and Cuisine we always try to select and contact small natural artisans: we appreciate their philosophy, cultivation and production techniques. Every product gain an added value because there is a real face behind it, a person or a family that everyday works hard to bring to our tables genuine and tasty food.

Let’s talk for example about pasta. When you buy a pasta package, can you find the  information about the type, the origin and the cultivation method of the wheat? Is the processing method clarified? Normally no. But they are fundamental to understand what we are going to eat and introduce in our body. Unfortunately our society is used not to pay attention to these details and consider a “pasta dish” without wondering about this!

We believe that something should start to change: we must start asking questions and look for answers in order to become aware consumers for our health and our land.

So we decided to use it in our kitchen and sell on our shelves products with Transparent Label, a sort of identity card. Thanks to it we can get all the information about the characteristics of the product and the individual ingredients that make it. The cultivation environment, the top dressing methods, the treatments done, the energy and water used and the processing steps are described in detail. The raw material price is also indicated to point out that the direct relationship with farmers is very important and that their work must be protected and promoted paying the right price for the work they do.


Who knows what to eat and chooses a product with Transparent Label contributes to create a sustainable development.