About us

Our adventure began when we decided to restore an old 15th-century cellar in the ancient part of Gravedona, a small village on Como Lake. The cellar had been closed for several years and we wanted to give it back its beauty and charm.

An old book …

Leafing through an old book full of memories we found out that in this cellar the old owner used to gather with friends, organize dinners and host tourists and people passing by who were curious to visit such a special place. Make our guests live again this atmosphere is our most important aim.

Wine shop, and a little place to buy organic products

The heart of this place is indeed the great cellar. In it you find the Wine Shop, with an outstanding variety of Italian wines, and a Small Shop where you can buy natural and organic products from local artisans that represent our Country’s gastronomical excellences.

There is also a small room with a nice old stove and a fireplace: it is the perfect place for guests searching for peace and quietness who are willing to enjoy a good glass of wine, celebrate a special event or have a relaxed dinner.