Wine for passion


Our passion for food and wine was born few years ago: we travelled and looked for small realities where we could discover genuine and natural products. We often came in contact with artisans, farmers and extraordinary wine producers … Passion started growing more and more as our knowledge increased and we finally decided to turn it into a job! Of course we did not have the knowledge that we have matured later, working day by day with producers, customers, and enthusiasts … we were just at the beginning of our adventure!

But our ideas were clear: we wanted to know who produced the wines, see where they were produced and how they were produced. Thanks to our intuitions and also with luck we met wine producers who love their work and have transmitted to us all their love, their dedication and respect for the land and for its fruits. No compromises, no chemical alterations and rejection of the dynamics that regulate large-scale production: this is the way we share with them.

We are constantly continuing our research and never forget our values. We like to get in contact with new producers who work in natural ways, respecting the environment around us and our health. Wine is a combination of passion and patience, it takes time, but it rewards with great satisfactions.

From our point of view in a wine we have to find the expression of a territory, the climate of the vintage and the wine maker’s hand, its intuitions, its expectations and its personality: when we taste a wine “we feel” all these features and try to understand the characteristics that make it unique. Enjoy a good glass of wine!