Our products

In our small shop we sell organic and artisan products, made by passionate producers who work hard to respect the environment around us and our health: organic pasta and flours derived from ancient seeds, not genetically modified, beans, grains, compotes without pectin and sugar additions, marmalades, vegetable spreads and marinated vegetables, honey, organic, vegan and gluten free biscuits, chocolate from the Sicilian village of Modica, infusions, spices… according to periods and availabilities we often have new products in our shop.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We pay a special attention to Extra Virgin Olive Oil: we care a lot about its quality and its benefits on our health and we select our oils considering different points of view: production cycle, organoleptic senses and nutritional values. The oils we select come from fertile areas. Soils and trees are not chemically treated and the olives are picked and ground in “continuous mill” within 24 hours.The oil obtained has a very low acidity, and thanks to new bottling techniques do not become oxidized.

We use these oils in our kitchen and you can find and taste them on your tables or you can buy them in our shop.

Gifts and Christmas boxes

Are you looking for original ideas for your gifts? Would you like to create a box with artisan and organic products or donate a good bottle of wine? We can give you our best advice for every occasion, following your needs and requests. During Christmas time we prepare Christmas boxes with our products and wines and we can also make some personalized ones.