From the producer to the consumer: our idea of natural cuisine

olio extra vergine oliva

Natural cuisine is a lifestyle, an ethics and a philosophy. The choice of products to use and cook is fundamental for our job. Our products are not represented by brands, but by people, families and friends who work hard with passion to give us their best. There is always a reason why we choose a supplier: first of all, the quality of his production, then the trust for his way of working and the mutual respect. Step by step, we create a great “family”: we can exchange ideas and opinions. All these relationships make us love what we are doing and give us the strength to go on in our direction.

Our dishes are prepared exclusively with fresh ingredients, without using any precooked or semi-finished products. We do not freeze anything and we don’t buy frozen products (we don’t even have a freezer).

We dedicate a lot of time and energies for our daily shopping: selecting ingredients with care is at the basis for a good, healthy and genuine cuisine. We would like to give you a culinary experience with no frills; we would like our products to speak to you, their tastes to be recognizable.

Bread has an important role; my grandfather used to call it “the fragrance of the table”. Nowadays bread has no more fragrance: the use of too refined and whitened flours (in which there could be also added gluten), of chemical yeasts and improvers has impoverished it from all its qualities and properties… we want to rediscover a kind of bread that is healthy and has good nutrition values. Our friends from Le Golose Imperfezioni, our trusted organic bakery in Como, dedicate themselves to an old way of baking, a sourdough bread with organic whole wheat flours from ancient seeds and baked in a wood oven.

pane lievitazione naturale

Our olive oil is a first quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil: it comes from organic olives, ground in “continuous mill”. Our trusted producer is Il Conventino di Monteciccardo (region Marche).

Fruits and vegetables are seasonal, organic and biodynamic.

Flours, sugar and salt are unrefined, not whitened nor chemically treated. We buy our flours from Enulv (with transparent label) and Fattoria Paradello in Rodengo Saiano (Franciacorta). We use unrefined Fairtrade sugar and unrefined sea salt from Trapani (Sicily).

farina Enulv

The meat we use in our kitchen comes from grass-fed animals. The fish is always fresh: we buy lake fish from a fisherman in Gera Lario (north lake Como); we buy sea fish only if it is caught in the open sea.